Šumava Biosphere Reserve in the Czech Republic

The Green Roof of Europe The area of the Czech largest national park protects the majority of the most precious natural habitats of the Šumava Mountains, including remnants of the primeval mountain forests, glacial lakes and extensive peat lands. Simultaneously, in this untouched pristine nature, the traces of long-lasting human presence (particularly glass-making and wood-working) contribute to the unique charm of the area. The Protected Landscape Area brings a broader human aspect of daily life in the mountains. Both protected areas meet under the roof of Biospere Reserve. Read more about tourism and biodiversity in the biosphere reserve >>

Making a difference The main goal of the project in the Šumava Biosphere Reserve is to form a public opinion about sustainable tourism as an efficient tool for biodiversity protection. The implementation of various useful small projects should increase awareness about the biosphere reserve. Together with local people a tourism potential of the area will be identified. It is planned to create an appropriate background for supporting of entrepreneurial activities related to sustainable tourism. Read about the activities of the project in the biosphere reserve >>
Project Results
A strategy for sound tourism - A institution for the Biosphere Reserve - An evaluation of new tourism activities - A cross-border network of trails - A certification system - A cultural revitalisation programme - An education programme - A training scheme for tourist guides

Contact person at Šumava National Park:
Mr. Josef Stemberk | tel. +420 388 450 251 or +420 731 530 278 | e-mail: josef.stemberk@npsumava.cz
Mailing address: 1. maje 260, 85 01 Vimperk, Czech Republic

Official website of Šumava National Park: www.npsumava.cz

Photo story
The Glass Ark Once upon a time the idea of the Glass Ark was born. Placed in the heart of Šumava National Park the ark attracts many people. Visit the ark online >>



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