Project activities in Šumava National Park

The goal of the project

The overall goal of the project is the protection of globally significant mountain ecosystems in the Šumava Biosphere Reserves through the development of new and innovative management systems with a special focus on tourism-related uses of these sites.

Research as a base

Also Junior Rangers want to help.

There is in fact no official planning and management structure for the Šumava BR, and there is no special paid staff. The basic agenda, data collecting, participation at some events organised e.g. in the frame of MaB programme have been done by the Šumava NP and PLA Authority. There is a small group of people having above-mentioned activity in their duties according to their specialisation at the NP Authority. The goal is to design a proposal of a management system of BR as a whole, including its institutional and organisational framing (embedding of the system into a broader regional socio-economic context). Then a design of sustainable tourism development strategy within the BR, including forms of its promotion an „image-building“ strategy, will be done.

Based on the above-mentioned study an appropriate institution will be introduced to manage the BR, which should administrate a system of support to sustainable tourism as well.

Potential for biodiversity-friendly activities

People want to explore nature – a chance for local guides

There is some limited, but still not fully used potential for development of newly emerging activities of sustainable tourism, such as e.g. horse riding, canoeing… etc. To evaluate that potential of the BR, in terms of opportunities and risks, is a challenge for both a project team and local tourism operators.

Tourism potential of the area will be assessed from an international aspect as well to propose a Bavaria-Austria-Czech net of cross-border tourist trails.


Promoting and marketing

Preserving the heritage, culture and nature.

To introduce a system of regional certificates of high quality products and services those are related to sustainable tourism will create the first part of real support local small tourism business.

System of incentives to start new activities through “Entrepreneurial hatchery” will follow.

Cultural heritage

Cultural aspect of the Šumava BR has been slowly forming as an interaction among local people and nature for centuries, however substantial changes have brought new priorities to the area of BR since 1989 agriculture and forestry as a main job for local inhabitants have been largely substituted by new orientation towards tourism. Area suitable for recreational and sport activities has attracted more and more customers and new jobs represent big opportunities both for tourism business and for local people.

To support an awareness of local people on their cultural heritage, and also to offer other aspects of the area to visitors, a program of revitalisation of cultural potential of the BR territory will be developed.

Training and workshops

Many of formerly used techniques and practices were forgotten; many of new ones should be learned. To introduce a system of education, training, round table discussions, etc. to solve concrete problems related to sustainable tourism development.

Sharing experience

It is necessary to find a common approach.

The results, both positive and negative, will be shared with partners from all Biosphere Reserves participating in the project. Regular bilateral consultation and information exchange with our friends from the cross-border protected area of the Bavarian Forest National Park will be held to find a common solution.








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