The Glass Ark
in the Šumava National Park


Once upon a time (six years ago) the idea of the Glass Ark was born. Skilful German artists-glassmakers created The Glass Ark and their Czech colleagues-woodcarvers made a wooden palm which together symbolise a fragility of nature, tradition of local people, mutual understanding of people living on both sides of the formerly split region and challenge for common future.




In the ark. Photo by Josef Stemberk






Tension The ark in the heart of the national park

During three years the ark invited many people to special places of both German and Czech national parks, very often just to see her and make a picture.


On her pilgrimage across the national park region the ark was bringing lot of events, gathering artists, philosophers, and common people.





One of last happenings was an attempt to allow the ark to float, even just in the pictures. We had a lot of fun.






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