Babia Góra Biosphere Reserve in Poland

Beautiful variety The massif of Babia Góra presents unique ecosystems, it has long history of nature protection and it is a place of intensive science research. Besides the natural resources Babia Góra owns specific cultural heritage shaped by stormy history of the region where different nations, religions and cultures influences local communities. Traditional activities practiced for centuries by local people are preserved until now. Read more about tourism and biodiversity in the national park >>

Making a difference The goal of the project is the protection of significant ecosystem of Babia Góra. The goal is planed to be achieved through the creating innovative management systems with a special focused on tourism-related uses of this site. Simultaneously, awareness raising and capacity building systems will be developed and implemented. Project activities should bring benefits to nature as well as to the local people. Read about the activities of the project in the national park >>

Project Results An Eco-physiographic study - A tourism managament plan - A Polish-Slovak tourist trail - New tourism infrastructure - Sustainable tourism packages - A shepherd's hut - A training for tourist guides - Suggestions for policy improvement - A local shuttle bus - A training on handicrafts - A contest of the best tourism facility - A house construction catalogue - A tourism monitoring system

Contact person at Babia Góra National Park: Mr. Tomasz Lamorski

Official website of Babia Góra National Park:

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