Project activities in Babia Góra National Park

The goal of the project

Local people celebrating

The goal of the project is the protection of significant ecosystem of Babia Góra. The goal is planed to be achieved through the creating innovative management systems with a special focused on tourism-related uses of this site. Simultaneously, awareness raising and capacity building systems will be developed and implemented. Project activities should bring benefits to nature as well as to the local people.

Management plans

Babia Góra, as the less developed project area, will focused on the elaboration of baseline assessments, in order to estimate potential impacts and opportunities. Babia Góra will elaborate the eco-physiographic study for the larger project area and its surroundings and assessment of natural and cultural values for a transition area between the Biosphere Reserve and its vicinity, which will include the protected area Horna Orava in Slovakia.

Guidelines to fill legislation gaps

Grazing sheep at the foot of Babia Góra

Babia Góra will obtain a set of guidelines to provide necessary background to fill legislation gaps. The guidelines will serve as tool for changes in the national legislation which are necessary to ensure biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of natural, cultural and social environment.

Biodiversity-friendly tourist activities

Some activities will show how to join the protection of valuable ecosystem with sound tourism activities. Some model initiatives will be created in Babia Góra to provide examples for a good implementation of sustainable tourism. They will be focused on infrastructure improvements, such as shuttle bus connections between entering points of tourist trails and tourist attractions; road use limitations and parking lots to minimize traffic in the Biosphere Reserve and its vicinity.

Teaching programmes

Specific trainings and round table discussions, e.g. to solve concrete problems related to sustainable tourism, will be organized in Biosphere Reserve. Babia Góra will be focused on training measures for local people to become nature guides.

Promotion and marketing

Babia Góra will enhance nature-based promotion through shared stands on exhibitions to demonstrate the link between tourism and environment, interregional events and entertainments and an annual contest for the best tourist facility. Web page will also be created for Biosphere Reserve, in addition to the establishment of two visitor centers.

Cultural heritage

Local people working in the fields

Some programmes will train local people in traditional handicraft, food production, traditional architecture, and other related fields. The revitalization of cultural potential addresses the private sector. It can stimulate local economy and provide new income opportunities and marketing options to private enterprises.





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