Project Activities in the Šumava Biosphere Reserve

SU 9: Education, trainings and round table discussions on sustainable development

The activity aimed at supporting the development of the tourism strategy and the implementation of the project activities through measures of capacity building that enable the local stakeholders to actively participate in sustainable development processes and decision-making in the region. For this purpose, a training series and a series of round table discussions open for all relevant stakeholders were realised.

The training series for local people included the topics sustainable tourism, natural and cultural heritage, tourism potential, certification of products and services, marketing and the methodology for the development of a regional strategy of tourism development. The round table discussions were related to the topics tourism potential of the Biosphere Reserve, tourism activities and impacts of tourism, cultural potential of the region and alternative forms of tourism. An average number of 15 people participated at the 12 one-day lectures, field trips and round tables.

The round tables contributed to the solution of conflict of interest regarding important topics during the tourism management plan preparation. The strategy of the Šumava NP Administration towards sustainable tourism development in NP has been developed, largely discussed with the region at the round tables and approved by the Šumava NP Administration as supportive material to the TMP for the whole BR.

The training courses and seminars introduced the principles of sustainable tourism but predominantly focused on delivering a concrete contribution to the conservation of biodiversity. One important result of the training courses was the creation of an informal group of local people and service providers with an interest in sustainable tourism development. The continuation of common work in the field of sustainable tourism development in the region is expected in the frame of new project rising close to the end of project.

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