Project Activities in the Šumava Biosphere Reserve

photo: NEBE archive

photo: NEBE archive

photo: NEBE archive

SU 7: Revitalisation of the cultural potential

The activity consisted of compiling an inventory of the cultural assets of the region and conducting several studies about specific types of cultural heritage such as local architecture and old trade routes. The studies include basic data about the cultural potential with possible use for the support of sustainable tourism development in the Sumava BR. The collected data then were processed into a newly established database.

While compiling the inventory, a special focus was put on such assets that are typical for the region, unique and threatened. This included abandoned places, disappearing customs and traditions, traditional ways of maintenance of landscape, traditional crafts and products, the oldest memory of landscape, technical works, forgotten paths, religious objects and small-scale built heritage in the landscape.

The NEBE company developed a database that will be accessible by the general public through a web based interface. The software and user interface for accessing the database were designed and the pilot version is available on

A manual about the content of the database and how to handle has been published and delivered to the municipalities in the Biosphere Reserve.

Documents for download/Related documents:

Project report
Demo version of the data base

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