Project Activities in the Šumava Biosphere Reserve

photo: REC CR archive

photo: REC CR archive

photo: Hynek Hladík

SU 6: Šumava Original Product - Certification of sustainable products and services

Building up on the outputs of a project of the Regional Environmental Centre (REC) supported by EU, the certification and labelling system for local products related to tourism was further developed and promoted and the system was enhanced by establishing the certification of tourism services.

In cooperation with local stakeholders, the REC had prepared the brand "Šumava Original Product". The original products are hand made and produced in a traditional way from local materials. The range of products includes handicrafts such as candles, woodworks or decorated glassware, which are typical regional souvenirs. Home made pastries, appetizing honey, meat and milk from organic farming or spring water from the region - products that are signed with the label Šumava Original Product guarantee environmentally friendly production and sound use of natural resources. Visitors can buy these labeled products in tourist information centers, at souvenir shops or directly from the producers.

Until end of 2007, 25 products were certified. The criteria for the certification of local services were finalised and services will be certified in 2008.

The system and the certified products are being promoted through a wide range of activities and materials - e.g. the two web sites and, the regional bulletin, leaflets, presentation at fairs etc.

Documents for download/Related documents:

Rules and criteria of the certification and labelling system (in Czech)
Rules and criteria of the certification and labelling system (in English)
Criteria for services (in English)
Leaflets of certified products (Czech/German/English)
Regional Bulletin (in Czech)
Photo documentation of the presentation of regional products at fairs

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