Project Activities in the Šumava Biosphere Reserve

photo: Josef Stemberk

photo: Josef Stemberk

photo: Josef Stemberk

SU 4: Proposal for an Bavarian Austrian Czech net of cross border tourist trails

Šumava Biosphere Reserve is located at the state borders of the Czech Republic with Germany and Austria. The border area had been long time closed for visitors and made accessible after the political change in 1989.

Tourist trails existed in all three countries and the net of trails crossing the borders was increasing - nevertheless it had not been the subject of detailed planning of the protected areas and local adminstrations in the three countries.

With the coming into force of the Schengen agreement also for the Czech Republic in 2008 the need for a well structured net of cross-border trails became even more evident.

Therefore it was the main aim of the activity to develop a proposal for a cross-border net of tourist trails and to improve the visitor facilities at the trail border crossings between the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. A study of border-crossings and trans-boundary trails in the Šumava Biosphere Reserve was elaborated in 2006 to evaluate the impacts of the trails and to identify ecologically sensitive areas.

According to the needs of visitors and local people but also taking into account the tasks of nature protection the already existing trail system was adjusted. Information boards were installed displaying the visitor rights at the particular state border crossing as well as information about the values of the region in Czech, German and English.

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