Project Activities in the Šumava Biosphere Reserve

SU 1: Proposal of management system for the Biosphere Reserve

The activity aimed at designing a proposal for an appropriate management system of the Šumava Biosphere Reserve. To do so, the individual institutional models of biosphere reserve management in the Czech Republic were reviewed.

All six Czech biosphere were analysed (Třeboňsko BR, Křivoklátsko BR and Šumava BR, Krkonoše, Bílé Karpaty and Dolní Morava) and assessed regarding the question how the biosphere reserve is used to promote local (and regional) sustainable development. Finally the best fitting system for the Šumava Biosphere Reserve was identified and described.

Based on the results of the review and the proposal, a series of negotiations started with the help of the chair of the Czech MAB Committee in order to find the concrete conditions for the establishment of a management institution for the Šumava Biosphere Reserve.

As a result, the Šumava National Park administration and the Regional Development Agency Šumava discuss a Memorandum of Cooperation to bring such a managament institution into being.

Documents for download/Related documents:

Biosphere Reserves – an attampt to form sustainable landscapes. - Kušová, D./Téšitel, J./MatÌjka, K., Bartoš, M. (2006). - Article published in Landscape and Urban Planning. 84 (1): 38-51.

Implementation possibilities of the biosphere reserve concept in Šumava Mts. - Paper to the conference 'State of the art in the research in the Šumava NP/Bavarian Forest NP' 2007. (in Czech, abstract in English)

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