Project Activities in the Babia Góra Biosphere Reserve

photo: Michał Węgrzyn

photo: Michał Węgrzyn

photo: Michał Węgrzyn

photo: Michał Węgrzyn

BG 18: Establishment of a living museum on pastoralism

The disappearance of pastoralism in the last decades caused the loss of meadows in the Babia Góra region due to forest succession on the abandoned areas, and in consequence, important habitats and plant communities were lost.

To prove that even today the old-fashioned and traditional way of breeding sheep is still an effective economic activity and that it is possible to use traditional ways of land use to support the conservation of biodiversity, a living museum of pastoralism was established in the frame of the activity.

With support of the regional union of sheep breeders a traditional shepherd hut was built on a meadow near the main road. A shepherd family started to graze sheep and produce cheese according to the EU standards in 2007.

A flock of 300 sheep was pastured and the entire process of cheese production was being presented to visitors who could learn about the pasturing history in the area, observe the shepherd's activities, taste and buy the cheese.

The experience of the first season of operating of the hut showed that the activity is economically viable and will not need subsidies to be continued in the next years.

The shepherd's hut demonstrates the successful combination of traditional economic activities with modern tourism puporses that at the same time contributes directly to the conservation of biodiversity in the Biosphere Reserve.

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