Project Activities in the Babia Góra Biosphere Reserve

photo: Andrzej Pietraszkiewicz

photo: Andrzej Pietraszkiewicz

BG 16: Elaboration of a catalogue of house construction plans

The aim of the activity was to perform an analysis of traditional architecture and offer a selection of architectural designs as samples for the renovation of old houses and the construction of new ones in the villages of Babia Góra Biosphere Reserve - Region of Orawa in the form of a house construction plans catalogue. There was a lack of exemplary designs which could find their application in the local architecture of the Orawa region.

To compile the catalogue, a competition was held to select the best architectural design in the Orawa region. The successful combination of traditional designs with modern architecture was a main criterion for the competition.

The catalogue contributes to the revitalisation of the architectural heritage in the region. It shows concrete examples and motivates local inhabitants to make references to the traditional architecture when building new houses. The promotion of the typical elements also enhances the image of the villages and makes them more attractive as tourism destinations.

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