Project Activities in the Babia Góra Biosphere Reserve

photo: Tomasz Pasierbek

photo: Tomasz Pasierbek

photo: Tomasz Pasierbek

BG 15: Establishment and enhancement of visitor centres

The activity aimed at creating new opportunities of gathering and disseminating information about Babia Góra's nature and cultural heritage for visitors.

Babia Góra National Park had very limited space for educational activities. All lectures and presentations were conducted inside the National Park Exhibition in the Head Office of the National Park. During lectures the whole exhibition had to be closed. The capacity of the exhibition was very small - only 25 people could attend in educational activities. Another problem was that there were no places for education in the southern part of Babia Góra region.

To solve these problems, new visitor centres on the northern and on the southern side of Babia Góra were established. The centres are also important for locals, because these are places where they can disseminate material about their tourism products and services.

The infrastructure for disabled people, which was created in the vicinity of the northern centre increases the attractiveness of the region's educational offer and the visitor experience.

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