Project Activities in the Babia Góra Biosphere Reserve

photo: Bronisław Kowalczyk

photo: Bronisław Kowalczyk

photo: Bronisław Kowalczyk

BG 9: Interregional events

The support of the organisation of the two traditional interregional events was realised in order to support the promotion of the region, the maintenance of local traditions and the creation of a local identity also among the younger generations.

The Festival of Pastoralism included a number of concerts and competitions and also an open-air spectacle presenting the history and common life of the local communities. The Piotr Borowy Hike gave almost 400 pupils from local schools the opportunity to explore the region and learn about local history, the nature of Babia Góra and sustainable tourism.

Both events were realised with the support of the project partners in 2005, 2006 and 2007 and will continue after the end of the project.

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