Project Activities in the Babia Góra Biosphere Reserve

BG 7: Monitoring of tourism and its impact on biodiversity

The balanced development of tourism in Babia Góra National Park and its immediate surroundings (Podbabiogórskie communes) is a continuous process that changes within time. Adequate planning for sustainable tourism requires constant monitoring of the tourism development taking place in the region.

The activity consisted of the development of a monitoring system for Babia Góra Biosphere Reserve which takes into account the specific local circumstances of the natural and cultural environment and the actual and prospected tourism development.

Based on field research, interviews with tourists and data collection a set of indicators was elaborated and the structure of the monitoring system was developed according to the needs of the Biosphere Reserve.

The monitoring will be conducted on a regular basis with the support of the High School of Tourism and Ecology together with the Babia Góra National Park. The results of the monitoring will contribute to the adapted tourism management in the region.

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Monitoring of tourism in Babia Góra National Park and Podbabiogórskie communes

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