Project Activities in the Aggtelek Biosphere Reserve

AG 16: Introduction of a regional labelling system

The document describing the introduction of regional labelling was created so as to provide professional guidance for the 49 settlements involved in the project as regards of uniform guise in the market.

Hungary and the Central European region offer numerous attractive tourism destinations. Every area pushes to increase the number of visitors and tries to expand the duration of stay, hence securing the competitiveness of the economic sector. This can only be achieved if the given area maintains its quality of standards, and is therefore able to catch the attention of visitors.

The currently noticeable touristic trends, costumer habits and market benchmarks call for the establishment of a uniform regional profile that pursues the mutually beneficial cooperation of service providers in the supply market of ecotourism.

These efforts are facilitated by the introduction of regional labelling which sends the message of guaranteed quality towards the potential visitors, while contains unique, areaspecific features.

The document, completed into an integral unit with the strategic marketing plan and the touristic plan, provides help for the complex touristic organising tasks of the area.

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