Project Activities in the Aggtelek Biosphere Reserve

AG 12: Guidelines on sound tourism for stakeholders

The activity aimed at providing tourists and local stakeholders (tourism businesses, local municipalities, NGOs) with an easy to understand yet concrete and comprehensive explanation of what sustainable tourism means and how they can contribute to make their visit and tourism development in the region more sustainable.

For the visitors, a code of ethics has been elaborated giving recommendations for behaviour at accommodation, during picnic, on and near water bodies, while riding a bicycle, hiking, riding a horse and visiting caves. The pocket size publication includes separate slips for each topic and has been published in Hungarian in 1800 copies.

For the stakeholders, a more general and wider introduction to the international and national discussion and meaning of sustainable tourism tool place, making references to the concrete circumstances in the region. The guidelines have been published as printed and digital version in Hungarian, English and Slovak language.

Documents for download/Related documents:

Code of ethics for visitors of the Aggtelek Biosphere Reserve (Hungarian)

Ecotourism Guidelines for Local Stakeholders in the Gömör-Torna Region (English)

Ecotourism Guidelines for Local Stakeholders in the Gömör-Torna Region (Hungarian)

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