Project Activities in the Aggtelek Biosphere Reserve

photo: Stephanie Roth

AG 10: Survey of traditional architectural heritage

The traditional architecture of the scenery villages in the Aggtelek Biosphere Reserve are an important factor for tourism development in the region.

In order to conserve the architectural heritage and to support the use of traditional elements for renovating old and constructing new buildings, a databank was developed that gives a comprehensive overview of the region's architecture and designs.

The new Gömör–Torna Rural Architectural Archive serves those dealing with conservation, maintenance and use of traditional architectural elements, motifs and sceneries.

The archive is made up by two independent collections: the photo collection which in 2007 included 3000 pictures and is available as DVD, and the databank containing over 180 non-photographic documents, copies of mainly surveys (finalised and manuscript) as well as texts and picture materials published before. The catalogued documents are stored in files, in a file cabinet placed in the Perkupa House of Regional Traditions. This database is continuously enlarged by the Tájház management.

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