Project Activities in the Aggtelek Biosphere Reserve

AG 9: Tourism product development

The activity consisted in developing a series of small tourism products and services provided by local people that are based on the traditional skills and ways of life of the region.

The products demonstrate the sound use of natural resources and how local inhabitants can benefit from the beautiful landscapes and villages they are living in.

The following model products have been developed: Ginger bread making show programme, candle making show programme, Gömörszőlős village walk, showing of traditional housing in Perkupa, nature trails in Gömörszőlős, Tornakápolna and the Gömör region, a guide text to an ethnographic collection and a leaflet and poster about the traditional fruit dryer in Perkupa.

Documents for download/Related documents:

Ginger Bread Show Programme (in Hungarian)
Candle Show Programme (in Hungarian)
Gömörszőlős Village Walk (in Hungarian)
Perkupa Village Walk (in Hungarian)
Gömörszőlős Nature Trail Guide (in Hungarian)

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