Project Activities in the Aggtelek Biosphere Reserve

photo: EISD

photo: EISD

photo: EISD

AG 7: Rehabilitation programmes for traditionally managed areas

The programme aimed at raising awareness on the close connection between traditional landscape management practice and nature conservation, on the need to preserve local knowledge threatened by oblivion and on values represented by vineyard hills and on their utilisation for tourism purposes.

Seven model areas were selected that are habitats of old fruit varieties representing a high genetic value, as well as of protected plant and animal species.

33,27 ha of traditional orchards have been re-established in the vicinity of 5 settlements.

Researchers identified altogether 41 fruit varieties in the southern part of Aggtelek National Park. Following fencing and cleaning the area, 110 specimens of 38 local varieties have been planted in a fruit variety collection.

In order to revive traditions of fruit processing and to promote the traditional orchard management, a fruitdryer has been erected in Perkupa and a nature trail introducing the values of this landscape type has been established between Színpetri and Tornakápolna.

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