Project Activities in the Aggtelek Biosphere Reserve

photo: Zsuzsa Tolnay

photo: Zsuzsa Tolnay

photo: Zsuzsa Tolnay

AG 5: Development of a tourism management plan

The strategic basis of the tourism plan of the Aggtelek Karst region is improving the living standard of local inhabitants. In this way it supports the efforts to decrease depopulation in the area. Besides reaching this basic socio-economical goal, the main aim is to reconcile the human factor with the cultural heritage and nature conservation to maintain the unique characteristics of the region. At the same time, improving the competitiveness and economic effectiveness of tourism are stressed in the optimisation process, since tourism seems to become the main field of regional development.

That is why the main task of the strategy plan is to help carrying out successfully the planned tourism development in the Aggtelek Karst and its surrounding areas. It would contribute to plan formation in socio-economic processes determining the future of the region, furthermore, serving purposes of nature and cultural heritage conservation.

The planning process included extensive stakeholder involvement that makes the document a living and valid one, and it safeguards its adoption by the various local and regional bodies.

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