Project Activities in the Aggtelek Biosphere Reserve

AG 3: Database of tourism attractions and services

In international and national tourism the GömörTornaKarst region is usually identified with Aggtelek National Park and the caves. However, several other, more or less isolated, yet significant tourist attractions are found in the region. To use this potential for sustainable tourism, a database identifying attractions in a system that is editable, searchable and queriable was needed.
The attraction inventory created this way is available for all municipalities and service providers in the region. It gives a possibility of general information extraction, formation of partnerships and improving quality of services.

The following municipalities or NGOs provide info-points with access to the database:
1. Aggtelek – Tourinform office
2. Felsőtelekes – Local Government Office
3. Gömörszőlős – Regional Office of EISD
4. Hidvégardó – Local Government Office
5. Perkupa – Galyaság Village Association
6. Dövény Local Government Office
7. Jósvafő Local Government Office
8. Komjáti Local Government Office
9. Putnok Local Government Office
10. Szendrő Local Government Office
11. Szuhafő Local Government Office
The database was provided for further 7 settlements upon their request: Alsószuha, Bánréve, Szögliget, Szuhogy, Tornakápolna, Trizs, Zádorfalva.

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