Partner organisations

Organisation Role in the project Country
Šumava National Park Country Main Partner Czech Republic
Institute of Systems Biology and Ecology - Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Country Project Executing Agency Czech Republic

Aggtelek National Park

Country Main Partner Hungary
Ecological Institute for Sustainable Development Country Project Executing Agency Hungary
Babia Góra National Park Country Main Partner Poland
Friends of Babia Góra Country Project Executing Agency Poland
CEEweb for Biodiversity Dissemination Hungary
Ecological Tourism in Europe (ETE) Overall project implementation Germany

The roles of the partners

Country Project Executing Agencies - CPEAs

The Country Project Executing Agencies are regional NGOs working in the field of ecology, environmental conservation and tourism development. The CPEAs are implementing the project in their biosphere reserve. Together with local, regional and national partners and stakeholders, they develop the individual activities and put them into action.

Country Main Partners

The three national parks within the biosphere reserves are the main partners of the CPEAs for the implementation of the project. The national parks contribute with their staff's expertise on environmental issues, regional spatial management and regional tourism development.


CEEWEB is supporting the project by disseminating the outcomes of the project.

Overall project implementation

Ecological Tourism in Europe (ETE) is coordinating the project's implementation. It takes over the role of facilitating the cooperation of the CPEAs and is providing the necessary background information. ETE is responsible for the reporting and financial management of the project.





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