Friends of Babia Gora Association

About the organisation

The main goal of Friends of Babia Gora Association (FBGA) is supporting of sustainable development of local communities living around Babia Gora. FBGA tries to develop economic sector in the region with simultaneous protection of its rich natural and cultural heritage. Promotion of the region goes with biodiversity protection and inhabitantís ecological awareness raising. FBGA supports initiatives connected with ecologically friendly tourism, especially agrotourism. They are realized in cooperation with local communities. FBGA cooperates also with local and national authorities, institutions, home and foreign NGOs. Babia Gora National Park is one of the most important partners of FBGA. They realize together the goals of Babia Gora Biosphere Reserve.

Role in the project

Friends of Babia Gora Association is the Country Project Executing Agency, it is responsible for project implementation in Babia Gora Biosphere Reserve. The task of FBGA is executing monitoring and evaluation of the project, accounting it, preparing technical and financial reports. SPBG takes the responsibility for communication strategy of project partners, project promotion in media and informing of local community. SPBG is constantly in touch with Project Executing Agency, International Steering Committee, Country Advisory Committee Local, Steering Committee and national partners. SPBG is also responsible for supervision and coordination of local partnersí activities. SPBG cooperates with partners from Czech Republic and Hungary, takes part in national and international conferences, workshops and trainings connected with the project.

Person to contact

Wojciech Mróz
Al. Mickiewicza 33, 31-120 Krakůw
tel: 0048-12-6320549 fax: 0048-12-6322432





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