Institute of Systems Biology and Ecology
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Ústav systémové biologie a ekologie
Akademie ved Ceské republiky

Role in the project

In the project, the institute plays the role of Country Project Executing Agency (CPEA).

Contact person: Jan Tesitel, PhD.
Phone: +420 387775670

Web site of the institute:

Project team meeting in the Institute of Systems Biology and Ecology in Ceske Budejovice on 25 August 2005. From left: Jana Moravcova, Michael Bartos, Josef Stemberk, Vladimir Silovsky and Jan Tesitel.

Information about the Institute

The Institute was established on 1 April 1993. It continues some of the research activities of the former Institute of Systematic and Ecological Biology, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences (CSAS) in Brno, and the Institute of Landscape Ecology, CSAS, in Ceské Budejovice. According to re-evaluation of the scientific orientation, the institute on July 2005 was renamed to the Institute of Systems Biology and Ecology AS CR.

Research is focused on the analysis of the natural systems, which are characterised by the spatial and functional dynamics. This dynamics, with the distinct level of simplification, is possible to observe on the basis of the energy, mass and information fluxes through given system. Scientific activity of ISBE is mainly oriented on systems approach, which is noticeable, related to methodological content of the wider special field concept of systems biology and ecology. This approach makes possible to elaborate huge data sets by the use of mathematical methods.

The project’s research team concern with the role of tourism on development of marginal, rural and large scale protected areas, as well rural sociology and strategic planning. The main topics of the team can be documented on selected projects solved by research team members in last five years:

  • “The Role of Tourism in the Development of the Šumava Region“ (2000 – 2001), Grant RSS, Open Society Support Foundation;
  • „SPRITE – Supporting and promoting Integrated Tourism in Europe’s Lagging Rural Regions“ (2001 – 2004), Grant EU, coordinator Institute of Rural Studies, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK;
  • „Participative management – key to minimize conflicts between protection of biodiversity and socio-economic development of local communities“, (2003 – 2005), Project VaV, Czech Republic.





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