Ecological Tourism in Europe (ETE)

Ökologischer Tourismus in Europa (Ö.T.E.) e. V.

The society was founded in Bonn, Germany, in 1991 as a forum for national organisations supporting environmentally and socially responsible tourism. Currently ETE has five member organisations, which work in the fields of nature conservation and environment protection, sustainable tourism, youth, leisure activities and culture.

Role of ETE in the GEF project

Ecological Tourism in Europe and its office in Bonn/Germany is coordinating the GEF project, providing assistance and advice to the country expert team through technical support in different thematic fields. This support is based on experiences gained in other ETE projects throughout the Central and East European Countries, planning and implementing measures for sustainable tourism. Further it implements the Monitoring and Evaluation System for the effective management of the project.

All correspondence at ETE regarding the project should be addressed to Mr. Michael Meyer.
tel: +49-228-359008
fax: +49-228-359096

More information about ETE

ETE has set itself the following tasks and goals:

  • Offering specific information and education about environmentally friendly and sustainable forms of tourism to providers of tourism services and tourists
  • Initiating, supporting and carrying out of model projects designed to promote environmentally friendly and socially responsible tourism
  • Political and administrative lobbying
  • Initiating and implementing an environmental award scheme for the national tourism industry

In cooperation with other organisations, mainly from the nature and environmental conservation sectors, ETE carries out regional model projects designed to promote environmentally and socially sustainable tourism as a basis for or support of sustainable regional development in Germany and other European countries. The organisers of one of these projects, which promotes a sustainable regional tourism initiative in Gömörszolos, Hungary, were awarded several times.

It is because of these regional projects that ETE has broad and sound practical experience in the subject area of environmentally and socially responsible tourism, in particular concerning the needs for collaboration between the various actors on the local level.

Moreover, ETE’s public relations activities allow for the permanent representation of interests on the subject of environmentally and socially responsible tourism in the public, political and administrative sectors. It also provides specific information for tourists interested in environmental issues. ETE also organises conferences, expert meetings, information events, seminars and workshops both on the national and international levels.

Since 1998 ETE has been continuously working on the international level on the tourism issue within the UN-Commission on Sustainable Development and the Convention on Biodiversity (CBD). In both processes, ETE supported the “Guidelines on Biodiversity and Tourism Development”, which were adopted in 2004 by the 7th Conference of the Parties to the CBD.

In Germany ETE already is preparing model strategies for the implementation of the CBD guidelines, including the preparation of a special checklist, a manual for sustainable tourism management in Natura 2000 sites and a project for the implementation as a model in the German Alps.

ETE is supported by a regular team of experts from the environmental and tourism sectors (some are independent, some work for one of the member organisations). These experts are integrated into the work of ETE according to individual project needs.

In Germany, ETE has been leading an expert group within environmental organisations, which had prepared and implemented together with tourism organisations, federal ministries and federal agencies the environmental award scheme for the national tourism industry called “Viabono”.

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