Ecological Institute for Sustainable Development

Ökológiai Intézet a Fenntartható Fejlődésért Alapítvány

The Ecological Institute for Sustainable Development (EISD) was founded in 1992 by members of the local administration and private persons devoted to the protection of environment. The foundation aims to promote the idea of sustainable development by building understanding on the idea of sustainability and helping the practical implementation of sustainable development. North Hungary, having serious overlapping economic, social and environmental problems, is an excellent model area for the implementation of sustainable development projects.

The Ecological Institute for Sustainable Development possesses a strong professional background dealing with environment and development, such as regional planning, rural development, education for sustainable development, environmental policy, environmental advocacy, biodiversity and communal problems. Every member of the Institute has an NGO background, and they are experienced in democratic participation processes, social and environmental issues.

The Institute has experience and capacity to co-ordinate national wide NGO programs. The Institute put together a programme to create an alternative NGO programme for sustainable development of Hungary. A concept paper on organic agriculture and a biodiversity strategy for Hungary also has been elaborated.

One of its best-known projects is the sustainable village project. This project seeks to formulate the framework of a sustainable village by creating standards and very specific incentives for the concerned people. The project is established in the Gömör region. This particular project includes one small village and its region only, but in spite of its small scale it has a strong impact by serving a model value of sustainable rural development. The experience came out of this project enhance the project planning and implementation capacity of the Institute. The project has received several acknowledgements, such as British Airways Tourism for Tomorrow Award, The Council of Europe’s Landscape award, and the Kós Károly Award in Hungary.

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