CEEweb for Biodiversity -
Central and Eastern European Working Group for the Enhancement of Biodiversity

Role in the project

CEEweb is responsible for the dissemination activities, including the development of the website of the project and supporting the role of NGOs.

In 2003, CEEweb which currently has more than 70 members, has established a working group on tourism, which is consisting of NGOs from all over Central and Eastern Europe. This working group will serve as a platform for the distribution of the project activities so that other stakeholders, especially NGOs, may learn from the project experiences. CEEweb for Biodiversity will also distribute all project information on their website. On the other hand, the CEEweb NGOs will provide the project with their feedback regarding their best practices and lessons learned.

With regard to further development of the project regions, including their cross-border counterparts and the surroundings, NGOs will play an important role in future tourism development. Most member NGOs from CEEweb are oriented towards environmental protection and biodiversity conservation. This in combination with their commitment to the project will contribute to the project’s sustainability with regard to sustainable tourism development and biodiversity conservation. The private sector will hereby be influenced by the NGOs, who will have a “Watchdog” function, to base all tourism development on sustainability. Cooperation measures between NGOs and the private sector can also be enhanced.

About CEEweb

CEEweb is an international network of non-governmental organizations in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region. The mission of the network is the conservation of the biodiversity through the promotion of sustainable development.

Today the CEEweb represents the network of several dozens of nature conservation organizations from Central and East European countries, working together to protect the biological heritage of the region.

Pursuing its mission the CEEweb aims to:

  • form common policies and actions for the enhancement of biodiversity in the Central and East European region;
  • promote the enforcement of international conventions for nature and biodiversity conservation, with special regards to the Convention on Biological Diversity;
  • promote the concept and strategies of sustainable development and contribute to their implementation;
  • raise public awareness about the importance of biodiversity and its protection.

For these aims the network undertakes lobbying activities and campaigning, information and expertise exchange, capacity building and educational activities.

For more information check the website of CEEweb: www.ceeweb.org

Contact person

All correspondence at CEEweb regarding the project should be addressed to Ms. Kristina Vilimaite at kvilimaite@ceeweb.org






Contact: Michael Meyer at Ecological Tourism in Europe (ETE) | tel: +49-228-359008 | fax: +49-228-359096 | e-mail: m.meyer@oete.de