Project Meetings

Project Team Meeting 12 in Jósvafő, Aggtelek, Hungary - March 5-7, 2008

The last project team meeting took place back-to-back with the third International Advisory Committee and served to discuss the finalisation process of the project. All activities were reviewed and the final reporting as well as the elaboration of case studies were prepared. One of the last joint events in the frame of the project was prepared, too: The participation at the CBD COP 9 in Bonn in May 2008 where the project team will present the project outcomes at a side event and a booth at the Plaza of Diversity.

Third International Advisory Committee in Jósvafő, Aggtelek, Hungary - March 4-5, 2008

At the third IAC the final review of project activities was the basis for discussing the sustainability and replicability of project results and possibilities of up-take and further dissemination. The IAC members evaluated the project as an outstanding example of how the MAB network of BRs can be used as an experimental and promotional one, to use the Biosphere Reserve as learning places. The IAC members will engage in disseminating the project outcomes and promote the further development of sustainable tourism concepts.

Project Team Meeting 11 in Zawoja, Babia Góra, Poland - December 3-4, 2007

At the 11th project meeting, the draft Tourism Managament Plan of Babia Góra and the final draft proposal for a monitoring system in Babia Góra Biosphere Reserve were presented and discussed. Furthermore, the actual status of implementation was evaluated and the final phase of the project prepared.

Project Team Meeting 10 and Workshop "Natura 2000 and tourism" in Frymburk, Šumava, Czech Republic - September 24-27, 2007

The project meeting was realised back-to-back with a two days workshop on Natura 2000 and tourism. Natura 2000 experts from Šumava National Park, the CAC of the Czech Republic, the Ekopolis Foundation (Slovakia), the German consultancy blue! and CEEWEB joined the project team to discuss how the experiences of the GEF project might be useful for the tourism management of Natura 2000 sites.

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Project Team Meeting 9 in Josvafö, Aggtelek, Hungary - June 11-13, 2007

The project team meeting was dedicated to detailed activity tracking, discussion of the objective verifying indicators and planning for upcoming joint activities, e.g. the presentation of project outputs, dissemination and workshops/conferences.

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Project Team Meeting 8 in Srni, Šumava, Czech Republic - March 6-8, 2007

At the eighth project team meeting which took place back-to-back with the mid-term review, the status of the activities' implementation was the main topic. Furthermore, the work on the different case studies that will analyse the outcomes and impacts of the project, was brought on the way.

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Second International Advisory Committee in Srni, Šumava, Czech Republic - March 5-6, 2007

At the second International Advisory Committee, representatives of UNESCO, UNEP/GEF, the CBD-Secretariat, CEEWEB and the Country Advisory Committees discussed together with the project team the goals and challenges of policy making for the Biopshere Reserves and reviewed the implementation of the project activities. Kristin McLaughlin, UNEP/GEF Task Manager, realised the mid-term review of the project.

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Project Team Meeting 7 in Nižná Boca, October 2-5, 2006

At this meeting, the team worked on the optimisation of communication processes within the project. The implementation of the numerous activities were discussed. Again, a special focus laid on the development of tourism management plans in the three BRs, as this is one core activity of the whole project. During the half-day field excursion, colleagues from the Low Tatra National Park presented their experiences with Natura 2000, nature protection and forest management.

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Extraordinary Project Team Meeting in Zarnesti, Romania - July 12, 2006

The meeting took place at the Workshop "Management of tourism and sustainable development in protected areas" of the Alpine-Carpathian Cooperation Programme. Members of the project team of all three countries participated in the workshop and took the opportunity to discuss some actual project issues in a short meeting during the stay in Romania. The goal of the workshop itself was to share experiences in the field of tourism management in protected areas in order to enhance communication and cooperation between the different parks - in and between the Carpahtian and the Alpine countries. This topic was therefore of particular interest for the team members of the transboundary GEF project.

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Project Team Meeting 6 in Zawoja, Poland - May 31 - June 2, 2006

The Project Team Meeting took place at the same place and right after the first International Advisory Committee. Despite the far too low temperatures and 30 cm of fresh snow on Babiá Góra Mountain, the team worked hard on the monitoring and evaluation process and discussed tourism impacts and tourism management issues against the background of tourism development in and around Babiá Góra National Park.

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First International Advisory Committee in Zawoja, Poland - May 30, 2006

The mission of the International Advisory Committee is to support the overall monitoring and evaluation of the project and to ensure the inter-linkage of components with other relevant international projects and processes. Besides the representatives of the three Country Advisory Committees a range of national and international representatives of UNESCO, UNDP, IUCN and the Ministries of Environment of Poland and the Czech Republic participated and established the IAC.

Project Team Meeting 5 in Ceske Sleby, Šumava, Czech Republic - March 14-17, 2006

Based on the fact that all three biosphere reserves have to develop a monitoring system, the fifth project team meeting was held back-to-back with a workshop on criteria and indicators for sustainable tourism development. Beside these first preparations for monitoring, the focus of the meeting was put on the clarification of financial issues and a comprehensive mutual update on current activities.

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Project Team Meeting 4 in Gömörszölös, Hungary - December 5-8, 2005

Important topics of the meeting were the approval of "The trail planning guide" and the methodology "Eight steps towars a tourism management plan". Furthermore, the four international experts presented the interim report on the feasibility study.

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Training of Trainers on Sustainable Tourism in Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia, November 2-5, 2005

10 participants from the three biosphere reserves attended the seminar on sustainable tourism. Topics of the seminar were: Principles of sustainable tourism - Impacts of tourism on the natural and cultural environment - Strategic planning for regional tourism development - Tourism associations - Certification in tourism - Introduction to marketing in tourism and tourism product development - SWOT Analysis

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Project Team Meeting 3 in Varin, Slovakia, October 3-5, 2005

The third project team meeting focused on the project activities "Feasibility study", the Local Steering Committees and the Country Advisory Committees as well as the development of the tourism management plans in the three biosphere reserves.

Project Team Meeting 2 in Vimperk, Šumava, Czech Republic, August 17-19, 2005

The 2nd project team meeting mainly dealt with organisational matters. Additionally, first project activities that already started in the three biosphere reserves were presented. Other topics were "The trail planning guide", the introduction to the training scheme on sustainable tourism and the eco-labeling scheme.

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Project Inception Workshop in Lipnica Wielka, Babia Gora, Poland, May 2-5, 2005

At the inception workshop, the project team members met with the representatives of UNEP/GEF, UNESCO/MAB and CEEWEB to discuss the framework of the project. The first year work plan was adpoted, communication and management strategies were developed, and the inter-linkages of the international, regional, national and local activities were planned.

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